About us

History of Szafir Company reaches back to the 1990s. It was then, when Bożena and Zbigniew Milczarczyk set up a small cosmetic company in Bydgoszcz, Poland. For some time of its operation the enterprise specialized in manufacture and sale of eye makeup cosmetics, but over the years, experience and cooperation with international companies allowed the company to extend the range of products and activities. The Company has operated until today and at present owns three lines of products- labels of Diadem, Szafir and Caroline’s Rose.

Szafir is a family company. In everything we do, we look for various aspects of beauty. We create products of elegant design of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Taking care of the quality of the wide range of products, we cooperate only with the best world manufacturers of bulk and packages.

Our activities are characterized by flexibility and maximum adaptation to Customer’s needs. To our foreign customers we offer sale of our own brands: Diadem Cosmetics, Szafir and Caroline’s Rose, and also comprehensive creation of private labels.